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1- Delivery and Collection:

2- Rental Charges:

3- Periodic Maintenance and Repairs:

4- Driving Licenses Allowed:

  • The lessee must present a valid Qatar driver’s license, with one year practice at least.
  • Non Residents are allowed to drive using their international driver’s license for maximum period of three months from the date of entry Qatar.
  • GCC nationals can drive in Qatar with their GCC driver’s license without any restrictions.
  • Non GCC nationals who hold a driver’s license issued by any of the GCC countries can only drive for 3 months from their arrival in Qatar.
  • The lessee is wholly responsible for any or all costs arising out of violation of any of the above mentioned conditions including.

5- Insurance and Coverage: 

  • Comprehensive insurance with passenger’s accident cover will be provided by the lessor in compliance with terms and condition of the insurance company.
  • The lessee is obliged to pay insurance excess in the event of an accident caused by the lessee or a missing third party or if the hired vehicle is totally lost.
  • In the event of many accidents, the lessee shall provide a separate police reports for each accident and pays the insurance excess for each accident.
  • Insurance does not include undisclosed damages.

6- Insurance Is Considered Void If:

  • The accident occurred on unpaved roads.
  • The vehicle’s wheels or tires are damaged by bad roads.
  • The lessee is found to be under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs.
  • If the vehicle is found driven by someone not stated in this lease.
  • The Lessee cross the traffic lights.
  • Failure to comply with lease conditions makes the lessee liable for all damages up to the full value of the vehicle.
  • The Vehicle gets flooded by water causing any kind of damages.

7- General Terms And Clarifications:

  • The lessee should be 21 years of age or above and should hold a valid driving license issued within the past one year.
  •  Smoking inside the vehicle is strictly prohibited and the lessee will be fined QR 500 if any sign of smoking is detected by the lessor upon receiving the vehicle.
  •  All business relations between the lessee and the lessor end with the safe return to the vehicle to the lessor in good condition (after receiving the inspection report).
  •  The lessor has the right to repossess the vehicle in the event of nonpayment, delayed payment (more than 48 hours) and failure to the lessee’s part to contact the lessor.
  •  The lessor has no responsibility for any missing valuables after receiving the vehicle from the lessee.
  •  The lessee shall not hire out the lessor’s vehicle to any other party or parties and shall not use it as a limousine service.
  •  The lessee must provide a legitimate means of guarantee to the lessor i.e. a genuine credit card, valid for up to a month and acknowledge the lessor’s has the right to use the lessee’s Security Deposit.
  •  The lessee shall not use the lessor’s vehicle outside the borders of the State of Qatar.
  •  The lessee must settle the traffic violations that occur during the lease period within seven days.
  •  All terms and conditions contained in this lease are subject to change according to the laws of the state of Qatar.
  •  All terms and condition mentioned above from an integral part of the lease between the lessor and lessee.
  •  The lessee agrees that by signing this lease she/he authorizes the lessor to use his/her Security Deposit to make payments on any dues whether rental, damages or traffic violations.
  •  The lessee acknowledges that by signing this lease she/he has thoroughly read and understood all the terms and conditions contained herein and is therefore responsible for their violation.