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The vision of Safety Rent a Car is to become a leading brand in the rental of all kinds of high quality vehicles across Qatar. This will enable us to become a synonym for quality vehicle rental. Throughout the country, we aim to have the largest network of branches. Our aim is to continuously improve our products and services. By offering customers the most exceptional rental experience in the region, we strive to be the leading car rental company in the area.


The provision of top-notch transport services has been the cornerstone of our business since we were established in 2017. To remain at the forefront of the rental industry, we are committed to delivering world-class services at competitive prices. By setting higher standards in the car rental industry, we aim to provide unparalleled customer service.

About us

As of 2017, Safety Rent a Car has been in operation. In spite of the fact that it is a young company, the company has been able to expand its operation through a dedicated approach to customer service and value for money. The team at our company includes experienced and well-trained individuals with over ten years' experience in the rental industry, which has given us a valuable insight into a highly competitive market.

Our goal at Safety is to identify the needs of our customers and to provide them with a wide range of car rental services that will meet their requirements. In addition to Safety Rent a Car's team of experienced professionals and dedicated employees, it also offers its clients a variety of rental solutions that can get them the vehicle they are looking for. 

There are various rental support services offered by Safety Rent a Car, including 24-hour roadside assistance and breakdown support service, as well as rental car insurance. An on-site fleet coordinator and dedicated technicians are available 24 hours a day to help you with any problems you may have with your vehicles, accident reports, replacement cars, and general maintenance concerns.


Discover Doha's Vibrant Charm with Safety Rent A Car – Affordable, Reliable, and Safe Rentals

Uncover the wonders of Doha, Qatar's ultra-modern capital, with Safety Rent A Car's unbeatable deals and exceptional service. Experience hassle-free car rental and flexible bookings, all backed by our commitment to providing meticulously maintained vehicles and a diverse fleet to cater to your every need. With Safety Rent A Car, you'll get more than just a rental – you'll embark on a memorable journey through this mesmerizing city.

Experience Doha's Unique Attractions with Confidence and Comfort

Safety Rent A Car's extensive selection of rental car types ensures that you can explore Doha's captivating skyline, historic sites, and lively markets with confidence. From fuel-efficient economy cars to luxurious sedans boasting premium features such as heated seats and advanced infotainment systems, we have the perfect vehicle for your Doha adventure.

Flexible Bookings and Transparent Pricing: No Hidden Fees, Just Great Deals

At Safety Rent A Car, we believe in complete transparency and customer satisfaction. That's why we offer flexible bookings with no hidden fees, ensuring that you receive the best prices and a seamless rental experience. Call us 24/7 for unbeatable deals and expert assistance.

Top-Quality Rental Cars, Meticulously Maintained for Your Safety

Our dedication to safety and reliability is unmatched. We continuously update our fleet with new vehicles and meticulously maintain each one to guarantee a secure and comfortable driving experience. Choose from an impressive range of vehicle makes and models, each designed to suit your unique travel needs.

Secure Your Ideal Rental Car with Safety Rent A Car Today

Don't miss out on the opportunity to explore Doha's vibrant culture, stunning architecture, and bustling streets with a top-quality rental car from Safety Rent A Car. Book early to enjoy the best selection of available car classes, tailored to your destination, pickup date, and return date. Browse our extensive lineup and reserve your car rental online today, and get ready to experience the enchanting charm of Doha with Safety Rent A Car.

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  • Can I reserve a specific make and model?
    • We can’t guarantee the exact make or model, but we definitely guarantee the size and gear type with accordance with the group of vehicles you selected.


  • Can I change my reservation details (dates or vehicle type)?
    • Yes, just email or contact us directly at least 24 hours prior to your booking date, our sales team will do the needful to meet your request.

  • Is there any cancellation fee if I cancel my reservation at the same date of pick-up?
    • No, cancelation fees are only applicable on Premium vehicles.

  • How do I know if my reservation is confirmed or not?
    • Your reservation is confirmed when you receive a confirmation message or payment is done in advance.


  • What are the requirements to rent a vehicle in Qatar?
    • Valid Qatari ID for Qatar citizens and residents, Passport for visit visa.
    • Valid driving license as follows:
    • - If you are a Qatari citizen or a resident, you should obtain a Qatari driving license.
    • - If you are a GCC citizen and not a resident, you are allowed to use your national driving license during your stay in Qatar.  
    • - If you are on a visit visa, you are allowed to use your national driving license issued from your home country for maximum 14 days starting from the date of entry to Qatar.
    • - International driving license is also acceptable until the expiry date of your visit visa. 
    • Advance payment for total rental period.
    • • Security deposit (varies based on vehicle make, type and size) - Credit card preauthorization along with an un-amounted signed imprint of the credit card. - Cash deposit.
    • In addition to the preauthorization, the card is imprinted with an unmounted signature.
    • A cash deposit is required.


  • What are your payment methods? 
    • We Accept cash, credit card, debit card, and bank transfer payment.


  • How long should I wait to receive my security deposit back?
    • Refund process starts after 21 days from the date of returning the vehicle, if there is any traffic violation or damages not covered by the insurance policy will be deducted directly from the security amount.


  • If I would like to extend my vehicle rental period, should I attend your location?
    • No, just contact us via phone call or drop an email with the required period.
    • Payment for the extended period should be done in advance via credit card or bank transfer.


  • What is the minimum rental period?
    • Minimum rental period is one day 24 Hours.
  • Will you charge me an extra day if I return the vehicle one hour later? 
    • No we don’t, we usually give one hour grace period, and thereafter a new day charge is applied.


  • If I return the vehicle earlier than the period I paid for, will you refund me the remaining days?
    • Yes we will, but the rate may be changed, (for example, if you are on a weekly rate rental and returned the vehicle before completing the week, the rate will be converted from weekly to daily).


  • Is there any age restriction?
    • As long as you hold a valid driving license, you can rent a vehicle, excess liability to damage is varies based on the age as per the insurance company policy.


  • Is there any fee for an additional driver?
    • Yes, additional driver fee is 10 Qatari Riyal per day.


  • What is the allowed kilometer per day?
    • It is 120 KM per day, every extra KM will be charged based on vehicle category.
  • Do you have a delivery and collection service?
    • Yes, we do have delivery and collection service within the Doha limit at an additional fee.

Maintenance & Service:

  • How do I get to know when and where the periodic service is?
    • We mention the next service kilometer clearly in the delivery note.
    • Service sticker is always placed on the top corner of the windshield.
    • When you get close to the next service kilometer, please contact us to book you an appointment at earliest.
    • Our service center location link will be shared with you at the time of delivery.


  • Can I handle the vehicle service out of your service center?
    • No, our vehicles should be served in our certified service center .
  • How long does vehicle service take?
    • It takes 2 hours at maximum, if longer, a replacement vehicle will be provided.
  • Does my rental include 24/7 roadside assistance coverage?
    • 10 Qr. Additional charges for full 24/7 roadside assistance coverage ( tire puncture, lost key and fuel issues)

Accidents & Insurance:

  • If my vehicle is involved in an accident, what are the proper processes that I should follow?
    • Please call 999 to report the accident, and follow the instructions of the police team.
    • You have to claim the full documents related to the accident (police report + repair permit).
    • Contact our operation team if the vehicle is un-drivable to tow it to the workshop for repair.
    • Cost of towing the vehicle is customer responsibility.
    • If the vehicle is drivable, please visit our office to complete the process and get your replacement vehicle.
    • Failure to provide the necessary documents, expose the customer to bear the total cost of repair. 

  • What is the insurance excess?
    • Insurance excess is the contribution amount you have to pay for each claim on the insurance policy.
    • It’s a pre-agreed amount stated in the vehicle agreement and specified based on the vehicle category.
    • It’s applicable only when the customer occurs in an accident and is being at fault. 
  • Does the insurance policy cover accidents on sand dunes?
    • No it doesn’t, driving on sand dunes needs special insurance coverage at additional fees.
    • Any accident that occurs while driving under the influence of alcohol or any prohibited drugs will not be covered by the insurance policy, in addition, the customer will be liable to pay the repair cost of the leased vehicle and the other parties if found. 
  • What is CDW (Collision Damage Waiver)?
    • CDW is additional insurance coverage that helps the customer to pay just 50% of the insurance excess amount.


  • What is SCDW (Super Collision Damage Waiver)?
    • SCDW is additional insurance coverage that waives off the total value of the insurance excess.


  • If my vehicle gets into small scratches, am I requested to provide you with police documents?
    • Yes, a police document is mandatory in any situation your vehicle exposes to any kind of damage.
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